Potential Profession: # Freelancing

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2 min readJul 7, 2023

The original meaning of the word phrilyansing is free career. ✅ That is, the job of working independently earning. And a little easier said, through the Internet, different organizations work differently through the Internet. It’s outsourcing to work with someone outside your organization. Those who do outsourcing work, they are called freelancers. Outsourcing sites or online market place tasks are divided into different categories. For example: web development, software development, networking and information system, writing and translation, administrative support, design and multimedia, customer care, sales and marketing, business services etc. It is possible to make online earnings through the internet. It is possible to take freelancing as a profession only if you have the skill. So, before setting up freelancing as a profession, you have to make yourself.

Since freelancing is free profession, there is more accountability than job accountability. If the work is not correct and there is no transparency in the work, then this sector can not be successful. Freelancing — there are many such websites. Some of the internationally known and trusted sites are: www.freelancer.com, www.elance.com, www.getacoder.com, www.guru.com, etc.

The Hard Truth about Freelancing | 3 things to know before starting Freelancing

Then is what you need to know before starting freelancing. I have seen a lot of how to freelance vids on YT where they only show the bright side of it, and not the whole picture. Then is 3 hard trueness to keep in mind before starting freelancing. These include

1. You’re your own master

It’s one of the stylish corridor about freelancing, but it also becomes a problem, as you will have to constantly reach out to people, get further guests, upskill yourself. Since it fully depends on you, you can not just take a day off and relax( it’s harder for me atleast) when you see that there is one further customer that you can pitch to.

2. There is no security

Your customer isn’t liable to get an insurance for you unlike in a job where you get a health insurance and other benefits. You’ll yourself have to get these securities. Also, since no customer will work with you ever, you have to reach out to new people. Some months, you will not get a single design while others you might get tons of systems.

3. Understanding your tone worth

still, guests will fluently take advantage of you, If you do not know how to duly price your time. This has happed with me as well. Learning to say no when the customer pays you lower is also commodity you need to develop.

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